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My name’s Cavan Scott and I’m a New York Times Bestselling author, comic book writer and screenwriter. I created Shadow Service, The Ward, Dead Seas and Sleep Terrors, and am a lead story architect for Lucasfilm’s bestselling multimedia initiative, Star Wars: The High Republic.

I’ve written comics for Marvel, DC Comics, Dark Horse, IDW, Legendary, 2000AD and the Beano, audio dramas for Big Finish Productions and Audible, and books for BBC Books, Penguin Random House, PS Publishing and more.

A former magazine editor, I live in Bristol, UK with my wife, daughters and guinea pigs. My interests include folklore, audio drama, the music of David Bowie and scary movies.

I own far too much LEGO.

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Cavan Scott
Comic writer, screenwriter and NYT bestselling author. Lead story architect on STAR WARS: THE HIGH REPUBLIC. Creator of SHADOW SERVICE, THE WARD and DEAD SEAS. Writer on DC Comic's TITANS UNITED.