I wrote the first chapter of the second book of my fantasy Western trilogy today. I’m celebrating the start of something new! And writing that first chapter helped solidify some ideas I’ve had floating around for the whole story, so that’s definitely worth celebrating!

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May 10Liked by Cavan Scott

You're spot on sir ! Especially when juggling work and family and trying to be creative

I celebrated finishing an outline for a comics limited series even though it is unlikely to actually be seen by anyone else,let alone be published !

Just finishing something is a very big deal

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May 9Liked by Cavan Scott

Great post! It’s definitely something I’ve been guilty of a lot. Slowly learning to stop and enjoy accomplishments rather than go ‘cool, onto the next project!’

PS. that photo is making me miss good British breakfasts.

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Great truth. With our lives in rush (mostly in every country and on every job) we forget to give themselves small celebration. But we need it.

As for me - few days more to the end of my contract on board, so enhaced my basic professional skills from one side and achieve new (Predictive Index) from another. Then some small break and celebration and going to family routine and next goals.

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