I was soooo amazing to see these characters on the big (tv) screen - I can't imagine what it must feel like when you see your own creations come to live. Thank you for this lovely insight!

PS: When you say you made yourself cry you mean because you were thinking of Marus glorious return in Phase 3 because he is alive and well, right? Right Cavan?

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I got so much secondhand joy reading this, from you and Ario. I also really enjoyed all the insights into your process, from visual dictionary to script to artwork - and then to animation! Congratulations! Your name does look good in that blue against that starfield

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This was a such a great read, thanks so much for sharing!!! Very interesting stuff.

Two things:

I also cried when Maru met his fate in THR comic.

And my only regret about his episode in Young Jedi Adventures is that you didn't get to voice him 😅 just kidding to an extent, but tbh I've always imagined him having your voice whenever I read the comics.

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